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The Effect Of Vending Machines On Office Workers

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Candy Taste, Machines Office, Vending Machines |

There has been a lot of talking about vending machines in office space and the effect they have on the workers. General opinion is that the machines have negative effect on the productivity of the workers, but the reality is different. Data that was gathered clearly shows the positive effects on the workers and their general productivity. SL Vending is one of the business blogs that aims to spread the truth about vending machines and their general effect, so if you continue reading you will be able to read all about different aspects of having a vending machine in the office space.


During eight hour shift around half an hour is spent on snacks and beverages during eight hour shift. A lot of that time is done in traveling to the vendor and returning back to the office.

Having vending machines in the office saves a good portion of that time according to the data from several research tests. In this way more time is spent on working, and that might be only a 10 minus, but over time it adds up to a significant number.
There is clear increase in productivity due to presence of vending machines in the office. There is small chance that people will take a full time lunch, and some of them opt to work through the appointed time for lunch because they want to finish something. They can do that because they know that there is a vending machine with everything they need, only few yards away.


Gesture of the employer that benefits the workers is noted and appreciated by the same. People like to have things like the vending machines in the building they work, and by doing that they will see that you care for them and their wellbeing.

And this will also eliminate off-site travels of the workers as they will buy snacks, food and drinks from the vending machine.
If your workers are aware of the importance of the healthy food you can install vending machine that provides healthy food that has low levels of salt and fat.

Even if your workers aren’t into healthy food, a vending machine of this type might help them to see the benefits of healthy eating alternative. You can also install a vending machine that will contain healthy drinks and bottled water. Workers will feel better when eating this kind of food instead of junk food, and if they feel better they will work better. This is a win-win situation for your and for your workers.
Management of vending machines is easy and there isn’t any special skill you will have to possess to fill them. Changing your old vending machine to a vending machine that has healthy alternatives and fresh food is also very simple. Just contact he contractor whose vending machine you use and ask for a machine that has healthy food and drinks.

You can also change the contact of the vending machine by yourself, but not all contractors work with healthy food and some of them avoid that kind of alternative.See more and visit

Vending Machines Connect People

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Machines Office, Vending Machines |

Have you ever seen the TV show called The Office? It’s one of my favorites. There is a British and American version of the show. British version is important because it launched a career of one of the most popular comedians on the planet, Ricky Gervais.

On the same note, Steve Carel’s career has improved a lot because of the American version.

He was a well-known face before, but after the show was broadcasted for nine years, he became more popular actor than before. British version has more cruel humor which isn’t surprising, especially when we look in the past and see how good is British dark humor.

The main difference between the two shows is the main character. The American version of the boss is more likeable and pleasant. He is also inappropriate but in a more politely manner. He is like your uncle who also tells jokes at family dinner but they are not wrong, they are just bad and unfunny. Also what I like about American version is working environment. Although they have lot of comical plots, but when they work, they work. And that is, how I believe offices should be. Offices should have fun and team working environment, because in those situations everyone is a better employee. And what makes offices so good? Well I think it’s the little things.

Little things, like in life, change everything. Organizing casual Fridays, going to a bar together, things that employees enjoy. One of the things that every office must have, from my perspective, is vending machine. If you don’t have it, you must make a request to your office manger and have it, because it can be a life changer. Do you know what troubles I had with bringing lunch to my job? With vending machines, everything is simpler. You will not eat some nutritious food, but you will not be hungry.

Crisps, chocolate bars, juices… any of those things is helpful to fulfill your work day. It’s much easier to eat from vending machines than to prepare lunch every day. Especially when you get up for work early, and you don’t have time to prepare your meal in the evening. I met one of my closest friends at work through the vending machine. I was still new at my current job and I didn’t know anyone. Then when I had pause for lunch, I went to a vending machine to pick Mars bar. I took the last one and then came Mark, my colleague who said that he only liked Mars bar. I gave him and took Snickers and afterwards we met and now we are great friends.

So you see vending machines can bring friends together as well. If you don’t have it contact your manager and order vending machine for your office. We use SL vending if you need any recommendation. People often want to hear good recommendation. Once my friend recommended me website called but that is a whole different story.